Had this weird dream about North “Nori” West, child of Kim K. and Kanye West, wanting to become an engineer.

Probaly fell asleep working on the McGill website project while Keeping Up with the Kardashians was playing in background.




East is West


Cover shoot for Sgt Pepper’s

Shaken certainties after moving from Paris to North America, a 5 years bilan.

Everybody know Serge Gainsbourg.

Wine is not a luxury product.

Cities always have a cute downtown.

You can live without a car, even whithout renting sometimes.

Trains are quick.

Foie Gras is not a subject of revolt.


May 8th, 1945

"I’d rather have a good sardine than an ok lobster."Ferran Adrià.

"I’d rather have a good sardine than an ok lobster."
Ferran Adrià.

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Harrison Ford AMA

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