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We were the fools.

Les poissons d’avril me transportent irrévocablement à mes années à découper des poissons dessinés au feutre vert sur les listings recyclés de mon père et à les accrocher avec des pinces à linge sur la veste de mon grand père (qui est sorti très humblement payer le boulanger à sa camionette avec le dit poisson collé dans le dos). Pour dater, c’était circa la même année où le Républicain Lorrain avait annoncé que Georges Lucas était en repérage dans la région pour son prochain film… 

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someone played an lcd soundsystem song over a miles davis trumpet solo and i think i feel alive for the first time in my life

Man, remember when the YouTubes looked like that?

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"And when you’re in California, you can’t help but start to hook in to what’s going on there, for better or worse. The last time I spent a month there, I came back and I was like: “Well, I have five TV shows I’m going to do and three movies and I’m going to be the lead in this commercial.” It kind of happens that way. And half the things never happen."

Rufus Wainwright.

Designing for, with, and around advertising

One day in 2005 I woke up and discovered I worked for anadvertising agency. This came as kind of a shock to me, particularly since I was working at the same job I’d always had, leading the user experience practice in the New York office of Razorfish. But through various acquisitions we’d become Avenue A | Razorfish, and now we were in the business of making ads and selling ad space.

I had a tough time reconciling this with my focus on delivering the best possible experience for users. In fact, it’s one of the things that led me to leave and start Bond Art + Science in 2006. But in the intervening years, I have had the opportunity to work with many publishers — large and small, print and online-only — and have gained new perspective on advertising as a business model.

This talk, given at the 2009 IA Summit in Memphis, is my attempt to explain why user experience designers should open their hearts to advertising as a revenue model, and find ways to meet the needs ofboth users and advertisers.


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This is my favorite song


This is my favorite song